Multiseas Agenciamentos Maritimos Ltda., with headoffice located in São Paulo, Brazil is a company engaged in the various segments of shipping services. Extending activities throughout Brazil by expanding its agency network to act at all major ports.

It was created as a separate entity to represent line HMM – Hyundai Merchant Marine, South Korean carrier. This business attracted the complementary talented executives that made Hyundai Merchant Marine a quick success in the region.

The back office service is provided by Unimar Agenciamentos Maritimos Ltda. This back office operates strictly neutrally as service provider.

Our organization with front and back offices is not only enlarging economies of scale, but also large investments in it systems and adequate personnel can be borne by our group of companies.

Advantages come in the benefit of client lines, such as knowledge, continuity, no vulnerability in relation to workforce others.

The long term strategic plan of Multiseas is set by the ownership lead by its share-holders along with key executives of the organization. An executive team of seasoned shipping professionals provide the direction in implementing the plan set out by its clients. Multiseas has a strong group in the second level of management, as Multiseas has been very successful in attracting a team of highly motivated managers to run the business. The success can be attributed to the company concept of treating its employees and associates as if they were customers. While not a new or unique approach, this can only be effective because of the involvement of the share holders in the business.

Share holders’s day to day involvement with customers, managers and the group that make up the agency gives the strength to allow for prompt action and personalized service. The emphasis is to deliver the best service at the most reasonable price , which allows prompt response to customer’s needs and requirements.